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This checklist is designed to help residential consumers understand NADCA’s recommendations regarding the process of HVAC cleaning. Residential consumers are advised to read and understand the information on this page before hiring an HVAC cleaning company. To keep the review process organized, place a check next to each discussion topic the contractor has addressed to your satisfaction.

To view a printable PDF file, please click here -> Nadca Residential Checklist


Is the company able to show proof of NADCA membership and certification?

Is the contractor willing to conduct a thorough inspection of the HVAC system PRIOR to performing any work? Does the contractor agree to disclose any problems discovered during the HVAC inspection? (This is required by NADCA’s ACR Standard.)

Is the HVAC System fully operational (before cleaning)?

Will/did the contractor clean the supply ductwork?

Will/did the contractor clean the return air ductwork?

  • For metal ductwork: Are the interior ductwork surfaces free of visible debris? Select several sites at random in both the return and supply sides of the system.
  • For fiberglass/fiber-lined ductwork or ductboard: Is all fiberglass or lining material in good condition (no tears or abrasions, and it is also well adhered to the interior of the duct)?

Components to be removed, cleaned and reset:

  • Supply registers
  • Return air grilles
  • Are the registers, grilles and diffusers visibly clean?
  • Are all the registers, grilles and diffusers properly reset?

Components to be accessed and cleaned:

  • Supply air plenum
  • Return air plenum
  • Is the supply plenum (located directly downstream of the air handling unit) free of moisture, stains and contaminants?
  • Is the return air plenum free of visible dust and debris?

Installation Access Panels (as needed)

  • Are access panels properly sealed according to the NADCA ACR Standard?

Will/did the contractor clean the air-stream side of the heat exchanger?

Will/did the contractor clean the secondary heat exchanger?

Components to be removed, cleaned and reinstalled:

  • Blower motor; housing & assembly;
  • Are the blower blades clean and free of oil and debris?
  • Is the blower compartment free of visible dust and debris?

Did the contractor clean the evaporator coil, drain, and pan?

  • Ask which method was used to clean the items listed above – did the contractor use Type 1 (contact vacuum/brush/or air wash) or Type 2 (coil cleaning chemicals and water).
  • Check to make sure that both sides of the cooling coil are visibly clean
  • Point a flashlight into the cooling coil. Does light shine through? It should if the coil is clean.
  • Check to make sure the coil fins are straight and evenly spaced, as opposed to being bent and smashed together.
  • Check to make sure the coil drain pan is clean and that it is draining properly.

Did the contractor replace the air filter?

  • Do the filters fit properly, and are they the proper efficiency recommended by the HVAC system manufacturer?

Did the contractor wash the air cleaner?

Request an explanation from the contractor if any questions above were answered “NO.”

After the HVAC cleaning is complete, check to make sure the HVAC system is operating properly.