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Breathe It In

Breathe It In “Make your air fit to breathe” can be summed up in six words – but you don’t need a lot of words to describe “The Clean Air People by FRESHX”, which is what a healthy, clean indoor environment is all about. It’s about calling and taking that first step to enjoying clean, fresh, indoor air and start breathing healthy again each day. It’s about taking notice to be conscious of a dirty, filthy office or home air duct system and doing something about it. A FRESHX...

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Dead Rodents Inside Ductwork

Dead Rodents Inside Ductwork Your home is a place of comfort and rest.  So imagine this scenario… you come home one day and instantly you know something is not right. You smell a faint foul stench. You feel like a bloodhound going around the house sniffing to pinpoint the source of the smell. As you walk down the hallway and open the door to your bedroom, BAAAMMM!!!, you get smacked with the smell of death.  After another minute of detective work you realize the unbearable stench is coming from the supply vent next...

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FRESHX Past Jobs

FRESHX Past Jobs BEFORE: Dirty exhaust fan AFTER: Clean exhaust fan Hartnell College air duct...

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