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Commercial air duct cleaning can make a difference in your facility by improving the facility’s indoor air quality, saving money on energy, or providing a cleaner, healthier work environment for your employees.

In all types of commercial buildings, the HVAC system will contain contaminants like dust, bacteria and possibly mold that will accumulate over time.  Dirty air ducts and coils are often neglected and can create costly issues for property managers, facility managers and building occupants. A dirty HVAC system that is constantly circulating dust, mold and/or pollen can lead to a number of problems:

  • reduced employee productivity
  • illness
  • tenant dissatisfaction
  • turning customers and clients away from your business


Our Commercial Cleaning Process

  • We start a commercial cleaning project by doing a building walkthrough which includes:
    • performing HVAC system component inspections and document any pre-existing conditions
    • performing site evaluations and preparations
  • We locate the blueprints of the building’s HVAC system and highlight our cleaning zones to develop a plan of attack for the HVAC cleaning.
  • We split our HVAC cleaning into zones sectioning off smaller sections using zone bags if necessary to maximize our negative airflow.
  • We use a mechanical brush system (Rotobrush) and/or our air whip system to clean the ductwork.
  • Service openings may need to be made where necessary. We will first inspect the lines to find existing service openings before making any of our own. Service openings are in compliance with the NFPA, SMACNA, and NADCA standards. All service openings will be marked and reported in our final report.
  • Air Handler Units (AHU), Rooftop Units (RTU), Exhaust Fan Units, etc… : Clean all components inside the air handling units, including: supply, return, and exhaust fans and blowers, fan housings, plenums, scrolls, blades, vanes, shafts, baffles, dampers and drive assemblies.
  • Post-Cleaning Procedures: Initially, a visual inspection will be made of the ductwork for cleanliness. We will take numerous “after” pictures and videos inside the ductwork to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Post-Project Report: A detailed report with pictures and extensive notes on each section will be submitted after completion.